About Us

What we do

A & Y INFRASERVICES, is a Trading Firm, we are one of the leading household of Industrial commodities engaged in trading of Construction hardware materials, Welding, & Engineering Equipment's.

The Firm is professionally managed by a team of 15 individuals with a core team of 3 specialists who have been set up to meet the customer needs promptly with the highest level of service time to time. A & Y INFRASERVICES is looking for its expansion in other cities like Pune, Kolhapur, Nasik, Bangalore, Delhi, Gurgaon, Chandigarh and many more cities of India. We are looking for Promising partners across the country, Our Future Plans are comprehensive and promising, and hence Traders looking to join us are welcome to contact us.

Our History

A & Y INFRASERVICES, established in 2008 in Mumbai , India. A & Y INFRASERVICES is one of the leading household of Industrial commodities engaged in trading of Construction hardware materials, Welding, & Engineering Equipment's.

Located in Bandra Kurla Complex which is Mumbai's prime Industrial belt with an establishment of approximately 1000 sq.ft, Our ware-house is located in Kurla where we keep ample stocks of almost all industrial supplies, we have been looked upon by our clients as a major source of industrial supplier in the central suburbs and have catered to their every need.

The reputation of the company has been built on the quality of work which is always of the highest standard and never sacrificed on any account. The organization has prized itself on its ability to execute work speedily and always well within the stipulated period.

Over the years not only have we excelled in our service to our esteemed clients, but are proud to say that our efficient and positive approach to ensure client satisfaction by meeting their every need has developed a bond of dependence and a trust with them.

Code Of Conduct

We have set a few ground rules of honesty, truthfulness and good behavior with customers. Honesty and truthfulness are essentials in any business. Building a relationship of trust with customers cannot be done with lies and deceit.

1. Trust: Belief along with your knowledge that someone sees all what you do, will make you work under constant surveillance and keeps your performance at its best while following a defined conduct.

2. Justice and Honesty: Justice can be defined as just conduct, fairness exercise of authority in maintenance of right and fair dealing between each other regardless of faith. Honesty incorporates the concepts of truthfulness and reliability and covers all aspects of relationships in human life thought, word and action. It is more than just accuracy; it is an attitude with integrity.

3. Mutual Respect: Mutual respect and consideration for others. Self interest only has a place in the community in as much as it takes into account the interests of others. So a person or organization can not under self benefit measures takes an action or start a business that will harm the community or environment more than providing good to it.

Our Affiliates

Any Infra Services are the official Dealers in India for these Respected brands.

Code Of Conduct & Principles

As a general guide in business we should adopt the following overriding principles:

  • Be honest and truthful.
  • Keep ones word.
  • Be humble in how you conduct your life.
  • Do not deal in fraud.
  • Do not bribe.
  • Deal Justly.
  • Do not deal in credit or loan.

Our Clients